Uninor Bihar Customer Care Number, Phone, Email and Address

The customer can dial the Uninor Bihar Customer Care Number to fix the problem.Telenor started off in 1855 as a state-operated monopoly provider of telegraph services named Telegrafverket. The first Norwegian planning for a telegraph were launched within the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1848, but by 1852, the plans were public and the Parliament of Norway decided on a plan for constructing a telegraph system throughout the country.

How Uninor Bihar Customer Care help Customers

Customers of Uninor Bihar can dial for Customer Care at any time of day. Uninor Bihar Customer Care provides the following ways to resolve the problem:

  • LIVE CHAT: Customers can directly live chat with Uninor Bihar Customer Care.
  • Phone: Customers can call at any time of day on Uninor Bihar Customer Helpline for the problem.
  • SUBMIT A TICKET: Customers can submit a ticket online to the Uninor Bihar website for the problem.

Uninor Bihar Customer Care Live Chat

To live chat with Uninor Bihar Customer care, the customer has to visit Uninor Bihar Customer Care Live Chat. Under contact us Section, you will see, Live chat option. Click on that and Now click on Customer care link. It will open Avaya Customer Care Live chat.

Uninor Bihar Customer Care Number or Toll Free or Complaint or Helpline

Uninor Bihar provides Toll Free Number & Helpline Number to register complaints about the problems. Customers can call on Uninor Bihar Toll Free at any time of day. The customer care Executive will pick the call and will ask your problem and you will get a Ticket ID. With this Ticket ID, the customer can check status on his/her Complaint.

Bakhtiyarpur – Bakhtiyarpur Uninor Store
Full Address: N.H Main Road, Bhaktiyarpur, Near Bhaktiyarpur Thana, Bakthiyarpur – 803210, Dist:-Patna
Contact Person: Devraj Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200789
Email Id: uebjpatn003@uninor.in

Main Road – Banka Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road,Main Town,Banka
Contact Person: Vivekanand Vivek
Phone/ Contact: 9122200967
Email Id: Uebjbank001@Uninor.In

Barauni – Begusarai Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Hotel Sujit, Rajendra Road, Barauni, Ps. Barauni, Begusarai-851112
Contact Person: Prabhat Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200792
Email Id: uebjbegu001@uninor.in

Kumar Babu – Begusarai Uninor Store
Full Address: Gunjan Bazar, Beside Bank Of India, Kumar Babu, Begusarai, Bihar – 851101
Contact Person: Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh
Phone/ Contact: 9122200840
Email Id: fobjbegu002@uninor.in

Patel Chowk – Begusarai Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road, Near Patel Chowk, Begusarai, Bihar – 851101
Contact Person: Rajesh Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200826
Email Id: fobjbegu001@uninor.in

Raj Kachari – Bettiah Uninor Store
Full Address: Raj Guru Chowk,Mainroad Near Raj Kachahri, Bettiah
Contact Person: Arjesh Kumar Shrivastava
Phone/ Contact: 9122200915
Email Id: fobjbett001@uninor.in

Nath Nagar – Bhagalpur Uninor Store
Full Address: Near K.V. Lal Road, Nath Nagar,P.S. – Nath Nagar,Dist:-Bhagalpur, Pin Code – 812006
Contact Person: Raghuveer
Phone/ Contact: 9122200790
Email Id: uebjbhag002@uninor.in

Near Bhikanpura – Bhagalpur Uninor Store
Full Address: R.B.S.S.Road, Bhikanpura, Gumti No.-2, Near Grih Niwas, Bhagalpur-812001
Contact Person: Mr Sagar Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200866
Email Id: fobjbhag003@uninor.in

Patel Babu Road – Bhagalpur Uninor Store
Full Address : Near Syndicate Bank, Patel Babu Road, Bhagalpur-812001, Bihar
Contact Person: Arun Dumarewal
Phone/ Contact: 9122200891
Email Id: fobjbhag004@uninor.in

Near Kinetic Showroom, Arra – Bhojpur Uninor Store
Full Address: Jail Road, Near Kinetic Showroom, Arra, Bihar-802301
Contact Person: Mr. Radhe Krisna Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200822
Email Id: fobjarra001@uninor.in

Pakri – Bhojpur Uninor Store
Full Address : Ravi Shankar Choubey, C/O Dr. Janatrdhan Singh, In Front Of Circuit House, Pakri Road, Arra, Bihar – 802301
Contact Person: Mr.R.S.Choubey
Phone/ Contact: 9122200816
Email Id: fobjarra002@uninor.in

Hospital More – Biharsharif Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Fruit & Vegeteable Colde Storage,Hospital More,Biharsharif,Dist:-Nalanda
Contact Person: Sita Ram Prasad
Phone/ Contact: 9122200905
Email Id: fobjbiha001@uninor.in

Bihta – Bihta Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road, Near Uday Cinema Hall, Bihta, Dist:-Patna
Contact Person: Ajay Kumar Pandey
Phone/ Contact: 9122200978
Email Id: uebjpatn001@uninor.in

Collectriate Road – Buxer Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road,C/O Dev Narain Rai (Jailer Saheb), Collectriate Road, Buxer
Contact Person: Prem Shankar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200897
Email Id: Fobjbuxe001@Uninor.In

P.P Road – Buxer Uninor Store
Full Address: In Front Of Alka Cinema, P.P. Road, Buxer – 802101
Contact Person: Deepak Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200922
Email Id: Fobjbuxe002@Uninor.In

Sandha Road – Chapra Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Market, Near Mona Chowk, Sandha Road,Chapra
Contact Person: Rajesh Kumar Sharma
Phone/ Contact: 9122200907
Email Id: Fobjchap001@Uninor.In

Bhatiyasari, Donar Road – Darbhanga Uninor Store
Full Address: C/O Sri Anand Mohan Pd. Saha, Hanuman Nagar, Bhatiyasarai, Donar Road, Darbhanga, Bihar – 846004
Contact Persn: Mukesh Manohar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200830
Email Id: Fobjdarb001@Uninor.In

Daudnagar – Daudnagar Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Market, Jhakarua More, Infront Of Idea Point, Near Airtel Distributor Point, Daudnagar – 824113
Contact Person: Mr. Vikash Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200899
Email Id: Fobjdaud001@Uninor.In

Dehri, Rohtas – Dehri Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road Dehri, Near Bus Stand, Post Office + Police Station -Dehri, Dist.-Rohtas, 821305
Contact Person: Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Phone/ Contact: 9122200760
Email Id: Uebjroht001@Uninor.In

Station Road – Dumraon Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Langtu Mahadev Mandir, Station Road, Dumraon – 802123
Contact Person: Mrityunjay Gautam
Phone/ Contact: 9122200901
Email Id: Fobjdumr001@Uninor.In

G.B Road – Gaya Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Zafer Books, G.B Road Chatta Masjid ,Police Station -Civil Line, Dist:- Gaya – 823001
Contact Person: Shbana Farhan
Phone/ Contact: 9122200754
Email Id: Uebjgaya002@Uninor.In

Rajendra Chowk – Hajipur Uninor Store
Full Address: In Front Of Bank Of India, Near Rajendra Chowk, Hazipur-844114, Bihar
Contact Person: Sudhir Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200886
Email Id: Fobjhaji001@Uninor.In

Jahanabad – Jahanabad Uninor Store
Full Address: Fida Hussain Road, Near Tata Indicom Showroom,Police Station – Jahanabad, Distt-Jahanabad, Pin Code – 804408
Contact Person: Mdabu Hanjala
Phone/ Contact: 9122200794
Email Id: Uebjjeha001@Uninor.In

Mirchibari – Katihar Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Uma Electronic Institute , Police Station -Sayakthana, Mirchibari, Katihar – 854105
Contact Person: Priti Kumari
Phone/ Contact: 9122200749
Email Id: Uebjkati001@Uninor.In

Near Town Thana – Khagaria Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road, Thana Chowk, Infront Of Town Thana, Khagaria 851204
Contact Person: Namita Devi
Phone/ Contact: 9122200889
Email Id: Fobjkhag001@Uninor.In

Bihar – Kishanganj Uninor Store
Full Address: Caltex Chowk, Dinajpur Road, Near Balmandir School, Police Station – Kishanganj, Kishanganj – 855107
Contact Person: Kumar Subodh
Phone/ Contact: 9122200757
Email Id: Uebjkish001@Uninor.In

Lakhisarai – Lakhisarai Uninor Store
Full Address: Chitranjan Road Purani Bazar, Police Station – Lakhisarai, Near P.B High School, Pin Code-811311
Contact Person: Pravin Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200793
Email Id: Uebjlakh001@Uninor.In

Gernel High School Road – Madhepura Uninor Store
Full Address: Gernel High School Road, Near Modern Tv Centre, Opp. Vijaya Palace, Main Road, Madhepura-852110, Bihar
Contact Person: Mr Amit Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200903
Email Id: Fobjmadh001@Uninor.In

Station Road – Madhubani Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Railway Station Road Town Club Field,Near Rose Public School, Dist Madhabuni
Contact Person: Rakesh Kumar Ray
Phone/ Contact: 9122200977
Email Id: Uebjmadb001@Uninor.In

Masurhi – Massaurhi Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Railway Station, Main Road Churaha ,P.S- Masaurhi, Masurhi,Dist-Patna,Pin Code-804452,
Contact Person: Praduman Nagbanshi
Phone/ Contact: 9122200795
Email Id: Uebjpatn004@Uninor.In

Mohaniya – Mohaniya Uninor Store
Full Address: C/O Parasnath Singh, Ramgarh Road , Near Ralway Crossing , Post Office – Mohania , Dist-Bhabua, Pin-821109
Contact Person: Vijay Shankar Upadhyay
Phone/ Contact: 9122200791
Email Id: Uebjbhab001@Uninor.In

Chandwari Chowk – Motihari Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Mahavir Lalita Middle School,Behind Gupta Gas,Chandwari Chowk ,Motihari
Contact Person: Rohit Giri
Phone/ Contact: 9122200949
Email Id: Fobjmoti001@Uninor.In

Azad Chowk – Munger Uninor Store
Full Address : Main Market,Near Azad Chowk, Munger-
Contact Person: Ajit Kumar Sharma
Phone/ Contact: 9122200895
Email Id: Fobjmung001@Uninor.In

Jamalpur – Munger Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Market, Jamalpur, Munger, Bihar -811214
Contact Person: Gita Sharma
Phone/ Contact: 9122200876
Email Id: Uebjmung001@Uninor.In

Kolhua Paigambarpur – Muzaffarpur Uninor Store
Full Address: Village Post Office :-Kolhua Paigambarpur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Contact Person: Prabhu Sah
Phone/ Contact: 9122200948
Email Id: Fobjmuza002@Uninor.In

Motijheel – Muzaffarpur Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road, Motijheel, Muzaffarpur
Contact Person: Rajat Singhania
Phone/ Contact: 9122200810
Email Id: Fobjmuza001@Uninor.In

Motipur – Muzaffarpur Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Railway Station, Mahavir Road, Motipur, Muzaffarpur-842001
Contact Person: Mr Reyaz Ahmed
Phone/ Contact: 9122200781
Email Id: Uebjmuzf001@Uninor.In

Navgachiya Bazar – Navgachiya Uninor Store
Full Address: Station Road, Navgachiya Bazar, Navgachiya, Bhagalpur-853204
Contact Person: Vishwanath Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200852
Email Id: Fobjbhag002@Uninor.In

Bus Stand – Nawada Uninor Store
Full Address: C/O Sunil Kumar, Near Bus Stand, Nawada – 854336
Contact Person: Sunil Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200927
Email Id: Uebjnawa001@Uninor.In

Madhubani Bazar – Purnia Uninor Store
Full Address: Madhunabni Bazar, Main Road, Purnia
Contact Person: Nitu Sinha
Phone/ Contact: 9122200968
Email Id: Uebjpurn001@Uninor.In

Zila School Road – Purnia Uninor Store
Full Address: Opposite Zila School, Zila School Road, Purnia
Contact Person: Vagish Kumar Jha
Phone/ Contact: 9122200969
Email Id: Uebjpurn002@Uninor.In

Purab Bazar – Saharsa Uninor Store
Full Address: Prabhat Bhawan,Purab Bazar ,Saharsa-852201
Contact Person: Seema Kumari
Phone/ Contact: 9122200784
Email Id: Uebjsaha001@Uninor.In

Dr. S K Chaudhary Compound – Samastipur Uninor Store
Full Address: Dr. S.K.Chaudhary Compound, Mohanpur Road, Samastipur-848201,Bihar
Contact Person: Niraj Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200850
Email Id: Fobjsama001@Uninor.In

Tajpur – Samastipur Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Market, Tajpur-848130, Dist:-Samastipur
Contact Person: Md Touqeer
Phone/ Contact: 9122200778
Email Id: Uebjsama001@Uninor.In

Near Gas Godown – Sasaram Uninor Store
Full Address: G.T.Road,Near Gas Godown,Sasaram
Contact Person: Sushil Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200937
Email Id: Fobjsasa001@Uninor.In

Ragistri Chowk – Seohar Uninor Store
Full Address: Block Road, Near Rajistry Chowk, P.S Seohar, Seohar-843320
Contact Person: Ashok Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200798
Email Id: Uebjseoh001@Uninor.In

Budhauli – Sheikhpura Uninor Store
Full Address: Near Golden Chow, Budhauli, Shekhpura-811105, Bihar
Contact Person: Mr. Wahid
Phone/ Contact: 9122200955
Email Id: Fobjshek001@Uninor.In

Bata Chowk – Sitamarhi Uninor Store
Full Address: Bata Chowk, In Front Of State Bank Of India, Sitamarhi
Contact Person: Gopal Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200909
Email Id: Fobjsita001@Uninor.In

Sonvarsha – Sitamarhi Uninor Store
Full Address: Main Road, Sonvarsha, Dist:-Sitamarhi-843330
Contact Person: Ravi Shankar Kumar
Phone/ Contact: 9122200779
Email Id: Uebjsitm001@Uninor.In

Main Road – Siwan Uninor Store
Full Address: Po:- Rajendra Path, Chapra Road, Siwan
Contact Person: Bal Krishna Sharma
Phone/ Contact: 9122200780
Email Id: Uebjsiwa001@Uninor.In

Near Bus Stand – Sultanganj Uninor Store
Full Address: Station Road, Near Bus Stand, Sultanganj, Dist:-Bhagalpur
Contact Person: Suman Kumar Sah
Phone/ Contact: 9122200965
Email Id: Uebjbhag001@Uninor.In

Uninor Bihar Customer Care Submit Ticket

To submit a ticket for the problem, the customer has to visit Uninor Bihar Customer Care Page. Under contact us Section, you will see, Submit Ticket option. Click on that after, It will take you to a new page. there you can submit a ticket for your problem.

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