Karnataka Maithri Helpline, Mobile and Email

Karnataka Maithri Helpline is a 24×7 helpline number. The academic success of students is often compromised by problems entrapping them. Students encounter troubles from several sources starting from below-par teaching,   difficulty in understanding subjects taught,  lack of basic amenities in colleges, want of resources, harmful habits, addiction to drugs/alcohol,   failed relationships,  emotional distress like loneliness, depression, suicidal tendency, lack of guidance regarding Higher studies and career. Most students pursuing Undergraduate and Postgraduate education hail from socially and economically constrained background.  Many are first-generation learners.  Some among them may not muster the courage to approach elders around and confide in them.

Instances of students divulging their problems to concerned authorities only to have the issue ignored subsequently is not an infrequent occurring. Also, Diffident, depressed, and mired in helplessness, students become incapable of performing to their optimum. As a meaningful intervention,  the  Department has set up a  Helpline called ‘Maithri’ for the students of Government First Grade Colleges.

Karnataka Maithri Helpline, Mobile and Email

The Toll-free number of Karnataka Maithri Helpline is   1800-425-6178.   Any student in need of support can call this helpline at zero cost. On working days during working hours, the staff trained in counseling receive and record the incoming calls. The matter is also followed up with the concerned officials.


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